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About Jack Arnold

Using Information Technology to Help Customers Meet Their Business Goals for Over 25 Years
You focus on your business.   I handle the technology!

I worked for 16 years in technical consulting in Minneapolis as a project manager and international trainer for Dashe & Thomson, Inc.

My clients included IBM, 3M, Sony, JVC, Pillsbury, H.B. Fuller, and many Fortune 1000 companies.

I built my first website in 1997 using Geocities!

Prior to my career in technical consulting I ran education projects to integrate the arts with K-12 curriculum.

Striking out on my own, and moving to Santa Fe in 2003, I saw a need for knowlegable, affordable and reliable help for sole proprietors and small businesses wishing to leverage the Internet to build their client base.

I now work with over 25 clients, both in Santa Fe and nationwide, to help them take the best advantage of the myriad digital media now available.

  • Business experience
  • emarketing strategies
  • Technical Training & Support
  • fine arts expertise

Billy Schenck | Braldt Bralds Studios | Cassutt, Hays & Friedman, P.A. | Childrens Healthcare | Cicada Collection | Der Spiegel Magazine | Eaton-Eger Jewelry | Eldorado Community Improvement Association | Eldorado Country Pets | Farnsworth Finishes | James Koehler | James Koskinas | Jennifer Moore | Julie Schumer | KnitWorks | Las Chivas Coffees | Leonard Keshen | New Mexico Magazine | Perception International | Raphaelle Goethals | Roger Williams | Rosalinda Kolb | Sande Anderson | Santa Fe Artists Market | Santa Fe Fabrics | Santa Fe Hideaway | Sarah Lovett | Seven Directions Travel | Tellbaby Productions



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