January 28, 2016


“The Internet plays a vital role in purchase decisions for virtually all products and services, regardless of where the purchase takes place.”
(According to an article published by the Online Publishers Association)

Your web presence is an important promotional tool. It establishes or reinforces your image, or “branding”. It reflects who you are.

If you were to choose only one promotional tool, a website should be your first choice.  It is easier than ever to build a web presence without breaking your budget. Using today’s web development tools, I provide you an easy transition from a custom design to a fully functional site, with text and code that is search-engine friendly.

Creating or improving a website: how does it work?

Site for Seven Directions Tours

Site for Seven Directions Tours

While websites are as individualized as the people who own them, there are some commonalities. Generally, this is how I work with you:

First, a meeting, free of charge, where you tell me about your business.

  1. What do you know about your customers?
  2. What do you know about your competitors?
  3. What is the purpose of your website? (I can help you clarify)
  4. How do you want people to interact with your site?
  5. How do you plan for your site to grow over time?
  6. What websites have you seen that you like?
  7. What you have done so far, and what do you hope to accomplish?
  8. Your budget for a website, if you have one.
  9. Your schedule.
  10. What materials you have in hand, such as photographs and written materials.

Next, I prepare a proposal that details what you can expect: content overview, user description, site goals, schedule, deliverables, responsibilities, budget. I believe in “no surprise” projects! (A result of over 16 years in bidding and managing high-tech projects.)

You get to choose from design templates that I will propose, and customize your favorite template with graphics, colors and typefaces so that it meets your needs for branding and strengthening your image with your customers.

You get to review and refine as we go along. I use a flexible approach to development, understanding that, as you see things take shape, you may want to change some of your original ideas.

I stay with you after the project is over to make sure things go smoothly. I install security software and monitor for threats to your site, long after our development phase is completed.  I can also set up maintenance plans to review with you site performance statistics, backups, system updates and features such as search optimization and social media marketing so that your site, and your Web presence, evolve with your customers’ needs.