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Homeowners association community website

managing a valuable community resource serves as an online repository for information vital to a homeowners association. In addition to daily bulletins, the site includes 14 forms and applications, 24 governing documents, budgets, maps, community resource listings, agendas & minutes for 11 committees, photos and descriptions of 16 amenities, a continuously updated schedule of events, contact information for committee members and staff, numerous reports and community FAQ’s and an archive of 17 years’ worth of monthly newsletters. 

I have managed the site since 2009, through 3 design iterations and much staff turnover. Few of us who were serving the community in 2009 are still on board, but Eldorado is fortunate to have many community members willing  to volunteer their time for committees and other community service, so we always have new members. The website is one way new homeowners, visitors and volunteers can learn about the community and find ways to help keep Eldorado a great place to live.


  • Manage the site, including software updates, forms design, content, organization and repair.
  • Set up email accounts for staff and board members.
  • Create accounts and templates for email campaigns.
  • Train office staff to update site content.
  • Create a community promotion video.
  • Photograph facilities, events and staff members.

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