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Being noticed as an artist in the online world is truly an art in itself. The web, including social media, mobile apps, and of course videos, are nothing if not visual. 

How can a visual artist rise above the noise?  My strategy has been to use digital media to reinforce my presence in shows and galleries and to dedicate the content on my site and social media to a specific audience–viewers who appreciate images of landscapes in the American West.  

I also know that beautiful images by themselves are not enough. Words are important for search optimization, and because viewers like a story. Additionally, fresh content is important for making search engines happy, and for giving repeat visitors something new.  I use a blog to update content, and I present the most recent blog entry on the home page.

And it’s important to provide context. Displaying artwork in an environment such as a home or office allows viewers to understand the size of a piece of art and to think about how they might want to display it in their space.  

Knowing my audience has been key to the success I have enjoyed as a photographer. I continue to sell my work through a gallery as well as via online inquiry.


  • Create the website using the WordPress platform.
  • Optimize for search (SEO)
  • Design email templates and campaigns.
  • Set up and link social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Build a YouTube channel.

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