Julie Schumer, Artist

Promoting the artist through web, social media, email campaigns, video and print collateral

How to stand out as an artist

Julie Schumer knows what it takes to gain recognition as an accomplished artist, worthy of shows in high-end galleries and admired by collectors.  She has devoted many years to learning her media and refining her artistic vision. 

As Julie’s work has evolved, so has her strategy for marketing herself and her work. Back in 2005, many galleries still wanted to see 4 X 5 film transparencies of her work, so I photographed her new pieces with my Arca-Swiss view camera. Soon the galleries were also requesting paper portfolios, which I designed and printed on a Canon 6 color printer. 

In 2006, we built Julie’s first website, featuring her work, bio, artist statement and contact information. When she began having shows and studio visits, I designed postcards and handouts to promote them.

Julie has been diligent in promoting her and husband James Koskinas’ work over the years. She understands very well that it is not just enough to do great work, you have to make yourself known to your audience with the same dedication.  Over the years, I have continued to support Julie’s marketing by preparing both digital and paper marketing materials. 


  • Artwork photography
  • Website design
  • Social media integration, including Facebook, Instagram
  • YouTube video 
  • Email campaigns
  • Portfolio design
  • Postcards and rack cards
  • Presentation books
  • Electronic press kits (EPK’s)

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