Case Study


How two accomplished artists leverage the Web as part of their marketing plan. 



James Koskinas and Julie Schumer are accomplished, award-winning artists based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their success is not only a function of their artistic excellence, it is also a result of their tireless efforts to promote their work to a larger audience via many platforms, including shows, galleries, booklets, flyers, and a multi-faceted web marketing strategy. 

Leaving the Bay Area in 2002 to pursue their art, James and Julie set a goal: Refine and evolve as artists, and make a living with their art.

Like all artists, they soon learned that producing great work was not enough. So they embarked on a plan to gain recognition by showing in galleries, being featured in news articles and interviews and promoting themselves and their work through social media and on their websites.  Today they show their work in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. Their work is in many public and private collections worldwide. And, they discovered that self-promotion takes time and work. And help!

I began working with James and Julie in 2005, first as their artwork photographer then as webmaster. Soon I was also helping with brochures and portfolios. In 2008 we began using social media, promoting their work and events on Facebook. Now we have added Instagram and YouTube to our arsenal, promoting not only their work, but also their workshops and art space. 

I have been honored to work with James and Julie; we have all grown quite a lot over the last 14 years. 

Visit their websites:

Julie Schumer, artist

James Koskinas, artist

1228 Parkway Art Space Artist Workshops, Santa Fe